Quiz: Can We Guess How Many Countries You've Visited Based on This World Knowledge Test?
Can We Guess How Many Countries You've Visited Based on This World Knowledge Test?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Were you born to be jetset, or are you just getting a feel for your traveling shoes? The world knowledge you possess will tell us how many countries you have visited in your lifetime. Whether you are planning a trip or you just want to relieve your best travel memories, this is the quiz for you! You'll get all the fun of a trip without having to leave your desk! 

As we travel around the world finding out what you know, we'll put your worldly knowledge to the test. You don't have to be a geography whiz or know every single world capital to pass, but we also won't make it so easy that you will feel unchallenged by the questions. We merely hope to gather enough information about your world knowledge to determine how many countries you have visited. Get out your passport and count the stamps. We're looking forward to seeing how close we come!

Whether you've barely dipped your toe in a bordering country's land or you are a frequent flyer, we think we'll be able to tell. Answer some questions about our great big world, and we'll see how travel savvy you are! Your flight is now boarding. 

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