Quiz: Can We Guess How Many Miles You Have on Your Pickup Truck?
Can We Guess How Many Miles You Have on Your Pickup Truck?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

Some people choose a vehicle as a fashion statement. Others do it because they need to commute. Still, more do it to get their family from A to B, to help them engage in their hobbies, or because they just like the sound that the engine makes. Perhaps they want a really fancy toy, or to project a certain image. Some - who presumably are rather wealthy - get to do it for all these reasons.

However, if you're choosing a pickup truck, it's nearly always a practical decision. You need a vehicle that is tough, that is capacious, that can carry all your work tools from here to there and back again, possibly many times a week. Your pickup may do double or triple duty for your family, your hobbies, and beyond, but it's first and foremost a workhorse. You just can't have the life you want to have without it.

That means many pickup trucks pick up a lot of miles pretty early in their lives and just keep racking them up. Others might spend most of their time on driveways, making short hops in between. It all depends on the type of work you're doing, and the lifestyle you enjoy outside of it. Tell us about them, and we'll guess the mileage you've covered!

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