Can We Guess How Many People Want to Kiss You?

Ian Fortey

When you meet someone new, do you remember their name the next time you see them?

Do you ever buy things like coffee and donuts for other people without being asked?

On a Friday night, what are you most likely to be doing with yourself?

How often would you go to the beach if you could?

When you're out with friends, what do you usually do?

If a coworker needs a ride to the airport, are you willing to help them out?

Are you a fan of board games or not?

If your friends ask you to go dancing one night, what is your response?

When you have to do work in a group, do you take a leadership role?

How many new people do you think you meet in the average week?

Which of these vacation destinations is the most enticing?

Which fast food restaurant is your favorite out of these choices?

How often do you host parties at your house?

If a friend is hosting a pool party, are you going swimming?

When you're at work, do you spend most of the day alone or are you working with people?

How well do you know your neighbors?

When you were in school and there was a new student in class, did you introduce yourself?

Would you ever have friends over to your house for a viewing party to watch a favorite show?

If you saw on social media that a friend broke their leg, what would you do?

Would you ever offer to carpool other people to work with you?

Were you a part of a clique in high school?

Do you have any kind of artistic talent?

Do you ever pick up the tab when you're out getting drinks or dinner with friends?

When you're single, how often do you go out on dates?

What do you think is your most attractive quality?

How likely are you to help a friend move?

If a friend tells you their partner cheated on them, what will you do?

Do you give people nicknames or use terms of endearment when talking to them?

Be honest - do you flirt with people just for fun?

Are you ever nice to people specifically because other people aren't?

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About This Quiz

When you really think about it, a kiss is one of the strangest interactions we have as humans. You're putting your mouth on someone else. Maybe even on their mouth. The idea of doing that with a stranger could be super gross, but with someone you're into, it's the exact opposite. A little lip-lock action can be more than alright. But then you'll also kiss a friend hello or goodbye, and you'll kiss a family member or loved one, too. And some people will even give you a peck on the cheek as soon as they meet you because it's just a cultural thing.  The world of kissing is super weird.

One thing's for sure, and that's you probably won't find yourself kissing someone you don't like at all, in any way. And likewise, if someone wants to kiss you, then that probably means they're really into the vibe you're putting out there. You're doing something they dig, and it's working for them. Maybe you do that on purpose, or perhaps you have no idea. That's the weird way attraction works; we don't have full control over it. So to help you gain some understanding of the whole thing, why don't you answer some questions for us and we'll use our patented kiss probability technology to figure out what kind of vibe you're putting out there and just how many people want to kiss you.  Take the quiz and see!

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