Quiz: Can We Guess How Many Piercings You Have?
Can We Guess How Many Piercings You Have?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Did you know that your personality is directly related to the number of piercings you have? It's a scientific fact that for every piercing you get, you add another layer of personal mystery to yourself. Whether you get piercings to express your individuality or to keep up with the latest trends, your piercings outwardly tell the world how you feel on the inside. With a little more info about you, we bet we can guess how many piercings you have. 

From large gauges to tiny diamond studs, humans have long adorned themselves with piercings. Often a form of tribal ritual, in today's modern society, piercings allow the wearer to modify their appearance. While some find such changes unsightly, body piercing has gained popularity and acceptance in more recent decades. From shopping malls to tattoo shops, piercings are as easy to obtain as a carton of milk. 

Spend some time telling us about yourself, and we'll be able to tell how many piercings you have. We won't be able to tell you exactly where they are located, but your answers will undoubtedly give the number of them away. Give us a chance!

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