Can We Guess How Many Relationships You've Had?

Brian Whitney

When things get bad in a relationship, do you tend to ghost them?

Are you picky are you when it comes to dating people, or will you go out with anyone who asks you?

Does your family usually like the people you go out with?

How seriously do you take your career goals in life?

How many times have you gone overseas with someone you're in a relationship with?

Do you tend to cheat when you're in a relationship, or are you loyal to who you're with?

Would you ever go out with a friend's ex or is that totally off limits?

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Have you ever gone home and spent the night with someone you just met?

How big of a bed do you sleep in at night?

Do you like to tell jokes when with a group of friends?

Are you the type of person who likes to flirt a lot?

What are you most likely doing on a Friday night after a long week?

What has been your living situation when you're not in a relationship?

Did you date when you were in high school or were you a late bloomer?

What social media outlet is your favorite to spend time on?

We all meet people different places, how do you usually meet people you date?

What's the longest period in your adult life you've ever been single?

Have you ever gotten desperate and called or texted an ex late at night?

Which of the following types of music do you like the most when you go see a concert on a date?

Who are you closer to, your father or your mother?

Which of these movies would you most like to see on a first date?

For a lot of people, online dating is where it's at. How many times have you set up an online dating profile?

Religion can be a dealbreaker in a relationship. How religious are you?

Divorce happens more and more these days. What do you think of people who have been divorced two or more times?

What you think matters? Which of the following traits is most important in a partner?

Which of these places sounds most fun to go on a romantic vacation?

What's the best place for someone to take you on a first date?

What is your favorite season when it comes to romance?

How worried are you about how your body looks? Are you comfortable with your body image?

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About This Quiz

If you're in a relationship with someone, they aren't just someone that you're dating for a bit.  It's at the least someone that you consider yourself seeing exclusively and at the most someone that you're living with romantically or married to. Few of us go into relationships thinking that they're going to end. 

No matter how many times things might go wrong, we still often hope that when we start a new relationship, this might be the person we end up spending the rest of our lives with. That isn't just because of romance, either. It's not easy to keep starting up new relationships. It's stressful, and also a lot of work. 

Some people, as odd it might sound, meet the one perfect person they're going to be with way back in high school or college, and never get in a serious relationship again in their entire lives. Others break up with people or get divorced over and over again. Some of these people decide to stay single for a while, and others get right back into the dating game, in search of that perfect relationship all over again.

How many relationships have you been in? Put your Tinder aside for a minute and answer some questions and we'll do our best to guess.

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