Can We Guess How Many Stamps You Have in Your Passport?

Teresa M.

What are you most likely to spend your time doing during a layover?

Which of the following would you never leave home without?

Do you travel most for business or for pleasure?

Which language do you think is most beautiful sounding?

Do you have any Canadian stamps in your passport?

Which travel-sized item do you always pack in your luggage?

Where do you keep your passport when you travel?

How would you try to communicate where you do not speak the native language?

Where do you exchange currency while traveling?

Which European country would you most like to spend a summer traveling?

Do you send a lot of postcards when you travel?

How do you get to the airport when you travel?

Do you prefer early morning flights or the red eye?

Do you have an airport nearby your home?

Which Asian country would you find most fascinating?

How would you rate your experience as a traveler?

What would be your airline job?

Which airline do you usually fly?

How do you feel about airline food?

How many drinks would you have on a long flight?

Are you willing to be bumped from a flight for compensation?

Who do you usually travel with?

What item might you pick up for yourself at the airport gift shop?

How do you usually book flights to other countries?

Which South American country would you be most excited to visit?

Where would you most like to visit in Mexico?

Which island have you always found intriguing?

How many nights do you usually stay away from home?

Do you use a travel pillow?

What would you do if you lost your passport while abroad?

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About This Quiz

Pack your bags and print your boarding passes for this quiz! We're excited to learn how many stamps you have in your passport. Help us out by answering our questions about your savvy travel ways, and we promise to make our best guess about the number of trips you've taken. We're sure we'll be able to tell if you have had to have extra pages added, or if you are just getting started!

Did you know that only approximately 5% of United States citizens have a passport? No matter how much you've traveled, you are already ahead of 95% of your peers! We'll make our estimate about the number of stamps you have in your passport by the way you navigate an airport. We'll also take a look at the things you pack in your luggage and the company you choose to keep when you are traveling. Once we put it all together, we'll take our best guess. 

Share your favorite traveling memories with us, and we're sure we'll be able to tell how many times you've left the country. Pretend we're your travel companion, and we'll let you know how many stamps we think you have in your passport! We're now boarding.

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