Quiz: Can We Guess How Many Times You've ACTUALLY Been in Love?
Can We Guess How Many Times You've ACTUALLY Been in Love?
By: Tori Highley
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Butterflies in your stomach? Fireworks during a kiss? It could have been love, but more than likely, you had fallen in lust. Enchanting and intoxicating, lust is easy to find and exciting to feel, with lots of passion but little substance. Love is a much deeper connection to another person, and it doesn't come easy. 

True love is built on trust, respect, adoration, and hope. Love builds homes and courage, supporting you both through good and bad. Love impassions you to care more and create more, and it encourages you to be more yourself than ever before. Love takes time, tenderness, intention, and inspiration. It is so much more than desire and infatuation, and it is so painful and scarring to lose this love. 

When you are head-over-heels, it is hard to separate your love from lust. However, your feelings about amorous details easily reveal the truth of your romantic history. From falling in true love over and over to simply having passionate flings throughout time, only your truest loves will stand out in our scrupulous love quiz. Let us guess how many times you have fallen in love!

How many times have you truly been in love? Our quiz will help you find out!

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