Can We Guess How Old You Are Based on Your Taste in Men?

Emily Maggrett

Which of these Jasons is your ideal male?

It's a hot summer day and you're headed to the beach. Which of these babes do you want to accompany you?

Your doctor orders you to get a massage. Which celeb would you like to deliver it?

There's a dance tonight and you need a hot date. Who do you choose?

Hollywood is casting a steamy romance movie with a role for a male star who must bare all. Who do you hope takes the part?

You can go on a picnic with any famous movie star you want. Who do you pick?

You have the opportunity to split a bottle of wine with a famous Sean. Which one do you choose?

You're going dancing. Who do you take with you?

Did you have a crush on a celebrity when you were a kid? Which of these guys was it?

These male celebrities are renowned for having model-style good looks. Which one do you find most alluring?

With which of these babes would you most like to visit Griffith Park?

You need a date to your office's Christmas party. Which of these guys do you take?

In your opinion, which of these famous Petes is the hottest?

With which of these funny guys would you like to grab a coffee?

You're going on a road trip. Which gent do you take along?

Which of these classic movie stars appeals to you the most?

You're going camping. Which of these guys do you take with you?

If you were spending the day in New York City, who would you like to be your tour guide?

You're going to a football game, where you plan on cuddling under a blanket in the bleachers. Which of these athletic babes do you ask to go with you?

Which of these A-list celebs is your favorite?

If you were volunteering at a community garden, which of these down-to-earth celebs would you hope you'd run into?

Let's say your life was being made into a romantic comedy. Who should play the male lead?

These celebrity dads have still got it. Which one makes you want to nest?

If you were traveling through Europe, which of these dreamboats would you like to take with you?

Let's take a moment to think about trend-setting men. Which of these stylish celebs do you most admire?

These celebs are known for being adventurous. Which of them most catches your fancy?

You've got the day off and plan on going shopping. Who do you take with you?

You're alone at a whiskey lounge when a handsome celeb sits down next to you. You're not in the mood to talk, but this guy makes you change your mind. Who is he?

In college, did you develop a new celebrity crush? Who was it?

If you had to marry a celeb, which one of these dreamboats would you choose?

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About This Quiz

It's Friday night. You've spent two hours doing your make-up, curling your hair and getting dressed. You've got dinner reservations at 8 p.m. The doorbell rings; it's your dream date. But who is he?

Your answer to this question may reveal more than you realize. Every generation has its heartthrobs, and your preference for Tom Hardy over Tom Cruise, Jason Momoa over Jason Priestly or Michael B. Jordan over Michael Shannon can help us pinpoint your age with surprising accuracy. 

In this quiz, we're going to offer you your choice of hunks! For each question, we'll describe a hypothetical dating scenario and then ask you to choose which Hollywood babe you'd most like to accompany you on that date. We've put together an amazing selection of actors, musicians, models, athletes and classic movie stars for you to consider, with beefcakes who should appeal to quiz-takers from every generation. You'll find sensitive men, traditionally masculine guys, creative types, romantic guys, dare-devils, attractive intellectuals, appealingly boyish guys, sophisticated older men and more. After you carefully respond to these very fun questions, we'll use your answers to calculate your exact age. Don't believe we can guess it accurately? Prove it, by taking this quiz!

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