Can We Guess If You Drive a Ford or Chevy Truck?

Zoe Samuel

When do you replace your own household appliances?

How many trucks have you owned by the maker of your current truck?

What do you like about your truck's infotainment system?

What common workplace act involving your truck elicits reprimands from you?

How old is the cellphone in your pocket?

If you could get a self-driving feature for your truck that would always be on, would you get it?

How often do you go shopping for work clothes?

How easily can your truck be totaled?

What kind of jacket do you wear to the workplace?

What do you need to fix dents and dings on your truck?

If Apple made a screwdriver set, how likely is it you'd buy one?

Through which of these environments would you not want to drive your truck?

Which of these hypothetical apps would you want for your work use?

What don't you like about your truck's infotainment system?

What's the worst injury you've personally had on the job?

Can you change your truck's air filter?

What's the worst kind of injury that's likely at your workplace?

How are you at driving stick?

What is the telltale physical sign of being someone in your line of work?

Which other vehicle do you drive?

What part of your body has been strengthened by your job?

If you couldn't own a Ford or a Chevy truck, to which of these brands would you turn?

How often do you use your truck for towing?

If not a pickup truck, what would you use as a work vehicle?

What do you usually end up towing with your truck?

With what do you cover the bed of your truck?

How often do you actually fill your truck's bed?

What living thing might go in the back of your truck?

When your truck's bed is full, what is it usually full of?

Would you buy your model of truck again?

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About This Quiz

Ford invented the assembly line, and changed the face of the automobile industry forever with its car for the people, the Model T. General Motors, Chevy's parent corporation, helped win World War II by turning its massive factories into the birthplace of American military hardware that rained bombs and bullets on the Nazis. Over the years, we have all been bombarded with aggressive branding by the carmakers: See the USA in your Chevrolet. Built Ford Tough. Etc. Ford and Chevy have both portrayed themselves as vehicles for the working man, with both having corporate cousins who make more or less the same cars and trucks, but with a luxury spin. You won't find Lincoln making a fancy F-150, but it does make a Fusion with nicer leather, and the Escalade from Cadillac is essentially a fancy Chevy Suburban.

Can these two "working man's" brands really differentiate themselves? How does Chevy or Ford pry customers from the herd and turn them into rabid, brand-loyal enthusiasts? If there is a secret sauce, perhaps it can be distilled into a few key factors. Take this quiz, and based on your answers, we will guess if you're a Chevy truck owner or a Ford truck owner.

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