Can We Guess If You Lean More Conservative or More Liberal?

Zoe Samuel

How do you read the meaning of the second amendment to the US Constitution?

Are the levels of illegal border crossings into the US going down or up?

How should the US approach its investment in public housing?

Does a right to privacy with one's doctor exist?

What are taxes?

Where should the marginal tax rate be for people making over $10 Million a year?

What is the Pax Americana?

Who should be in charge of the economy?

Every other industrialized country in the world has a single payer health care system, but not the US. Why?

What is the problem with the welfare system in the US?

What is the single biggest element of the solution to the illegal immigration problem.

Who benefits from the welfare system in the US?

How should the US approach its investment in cutting edge military technology?

Should the theory of human evolution be taught in schools?

Should "intelligent design" or "creationism" be taught in public schools?

Should public school students be made to make the pledge of allegiance to the flag every morning?

Should public schools distribute condoms or other forms of contraceptive devices?

Was NASA a good idea for America, during the Cold War?

Is climate change real?

Where should the corporate tax rate be?

Should the federal government reclassify cannabis to be more like alcohol?

Do more Mexicans choose to live permanently in the US when the immigration laws are more relaxed?

Should US states give tax breaks to big businesses in order to attract them?

How should the US approach its investment in the school system?

Should the United States be the "global police"?

Is climate change caused by human beings?

Why can (or can't) the US successfully create a single payer healthcare system?

Would building a wall along the entire southern border of the US do much to stem illegal immigration?

Should the US continue to invest in NASA?

Should there be a carbon tax, to mitigate climate change and encourage development of the technologies the world will come to rely on in a post-oil era?

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About This Quiz

There was a time, back in the 1950s, when American polling institutions feared that American politics was not polarized enough, and that the two major parties stood for too many of the same things, a problem they felt would lead to disengagement. 

Would those pollsters be happy to see how things look today? Political commentary is often prone to hyperbole, but it isn't that much of a reach to say that the polarization of American politics today is only surpassed by polarization in the days of the American Civil War.

Even the axes of politics have shifted. It was once possible to call one's self a small government conservative, but today many conservatives are happy to have big government so long as it is their big government. Similarly, it was once liberal dogma that government could provide solutions to society's ills, but today many of the government policies threatening to intrude on the lives of private citizens are most vocally opposed by liberals.

Setting aside the poles of authoritarianism, libertarianism, and heuristics around contamination v. purity and oppressor v. victim that can make the populism of one side almost identical to the populism of the other, let us parse out your political outlook and determine an answer to the question, "Are you more conservative or liberal?"

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