Can We Guess If You'd Get in a Self-Driving Car?

Ian Fortey

When did you first hear about self-driving cars?

Do you own a Roomba?

If you were alone in a self-driving car what would you do to pass the time anyway?

Does anything in your home operate on voice controls?

Some people are afraid self-driving cars could spell doom for humanity. That said, what's your favorite movie about sinister cars?

How long ago did you retire your VCR?

Do you feel like artificial intelligence is going to destroy the world?

Do you get frustrated by other drivers?

Have you ever been pulled over for speeding?

How many parking tickets have you racked up in your life?

Self-driving cars have existed in sci-fi forever. What's your favorite sci-fi car?

What's your favorite robot in film history?

Do you ever take a drive just for the sake of driving?

What's going to make you take a second look at a car?

Do you like a lot of modern gadgets in your car or not?

Has GPS ever gotten you out of a jam?

Have you ever used an in-vehicle service like OnStar before?

The color of a car is not important at all. That said, what color do you like your cars to be?

Do you believe self-driving cars are statistically safer than cars driven by humans?

What would be your main fear regarding a self-driving car?

What do you think would be the greatest benefit of a self-driving car?

Self-driving technology is still pretty new, but do you think it's the way of the future?

Weren't we promised flying cars?

Let's say you had a self-driving car and it was run by a life-like A.I.. Would you name it?

If self-driving cars prove themselves what would you think of a self-flying plane?

If self-driving cars become standard do you think people will even need to learn how to drive anymore?

If you had to guess, what percentage of current car accidents would you say are caused by driver error?

Would there still be traffic jams with self-driving cars?

What would be the most interesting consequence of self-driving cars, in your opinion?

Which decade made the best cars ever?

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Image: Wiki Commons by Don DeBold from San Jose, CA, USA

About This Quiz

Science fiction has been telling us for decades now that the future will be automated. Robot servants, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars are going to be around every single corner, right? But as much as science fiction has prepared us for it, and as much as this has started happening over the last few decades in real life with automated assembly lines and little robots like Roombas, are we really ready for it? 

When progress takes a new leap forward, people get scared. When the internet first appeared, critics tore it apart. It was useless and it was a fad. No one would ever use it for anything like shopping, how absurd! When computers were first invented critics thought they might be helpful in the military or for industrial applications but why would anyone ever have one in their home? It was silly. When the telephone was invented, Western Union passed on the opportunity to invest, sure that the technology was all but useless. As a people, we love the idea of progress but many of us fear it when it shows up. Change is hard and weird and scary. Self-driving cars are no different.

Like it or not, self-driving cars are going to be a thing. The question is, are they going to be your thing? Let's find out!

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