Quiz: Can We Guess If You'll Be on the Naughty List or Nice List This Year?
Can We Guess If You'll Be on the Naughty List or Nice List This Year?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Comstock Images / Stockbyte / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Every year, the North Pole keeps track of your every action. Judging by the way you've behaved over the past year, will you make the nice list or the naughty list? After you tell us about your year, your holidays and the presents you want most, we'll take our best guess about where Santa has placed you. 

If you think about it, Santa might be the only person we are comfortable with having watch us and judge our every action. If it were anyone else, we would be a little creeped out. Nonetheless, Santa does his prying for a reason. He does it to determine whether or not you deserve to be among the good boys and girls who are deserving of gifts. He wouldn't want to take up room on his sleigh for someone who was naughty. 

Once we see how you've lived and the way the holidays make you feel, we will weigh your answers in Santa Claus style. Then, we'll guess whether you've been naughty or you have been nice. Try to be as honest as you can. Santa is still watching now, and you might earn a few bonus points if you answer the right way! 

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Which holiday drink is your favorite?

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What gift would you love to find in your stocking?

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Which holiday gift card would you most like to receive?

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What kind of gift giver would your family say you are?

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Which wintertime activity do you like most?

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If you received an orange for a gift, how would you react?

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Which holiday pie is your favorite?

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Which reindeer name do you like most?

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