Quiz: Can We Guess If Your Inner Personality Is More Blonde, Brunette, or Red?
Can We Guess If Your Inner Personality Is More Blonde, Brunette, or Red?
By: Diana Spasic
Image: Flashpop / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

There are many stereotypes about different hair colors. Blondes are perceived as fun and sweet, while redheads are believed to be fierce and passionate. Brunettes are often considered smart and reliable, and black hair has to belong to someone mysterious and deep. While these common beliefs may seem too restrictive and too labeling, they aren’t completely illogical. People perceive a person differently depending on their hair color; we see it all the time. 

But believing in these stereotypes nowadays would mean accepting people change their personality and their approach to life the minute they dye their hair a different color. It might have worked sometime in the far past when everyone had their natural hair color, but today – not so much. However, your inner personality traits match specific hair color, and while you may be rocking a black bob on the outside, your inner personality might be a sweet, bubbly blonde with soft waves, ready to charm everyone and grab the spotlight.

Regardless of the current color of your hair, your inner personality sends out specific energy, and if you find out which color suits you best, you may have a new topic to discuss with your hairdresser. Many people’s hair already matches their inner personality hair color, which means they are making the most of their personality traits – and they probably look amazing. 

Take this quiz to find out if we can guess your inner personality hair color, and if that color matches your actual hair! 

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You are going out on a first date with someone you like a lot. How do you look?

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How do you like the lightning to be in your living room?

11 of 30
What color would you paint your bedroom walls?

15 of 30
What color are your eyes?

16 of 30
Which word would your ex partner use to describe you?

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If you were a celebrity, what would be your call?

19 of 30
What is your natural hair color?

20 of 30
Which word best describes you when you're in love?

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What's the one hair product you couldn't live without?

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If you were an animal, which one would you be?

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Which of these words best sums up your love life?

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How would you describe your personal style?

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What's your favorite season?

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