Can We Guess If You’re a Baby Boomer From the Words You Use?

Emily Maggrett

Have you ever greeted someone by saying, "What's shaking?"

How would you describe a beautiful woman?

What's a "groovy cat?"

If someone stole your parking space, what would you say?

Let's say you have tickets to see a fantastic band play. How do you convince a friend to go with you?

Which word do you use to describe marijuana?

What are "kicks"?

Can you finish this quote? "Hey, hey, LBJ, how many ______ did you ______ today?"

Why do you like eating brownies?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how positively do you feel about the word "hip"?

If someone told you they were "making bread," what would you assume they were doing?

What's a "sweat hog"?

Let's say someone announces they're going to "sock it to you." Are you scared?

How would you respond if someone said, "What's your bag?"

Who is "The Man"?

If you wanted to say that someone was drunk, what word would you use?

Someone tells you the car you're interested in is "all show and no go." Do you buy it?

A teenager tries to steal one of your packages. Is he "cruising for a bruising?"

Do you know what a "passion pit" is?

How would you praise Beyoncé?

Are you cognizant of what a "bippy" is?

If your husband called you his "old lady," would you be mad?

Would you say that you're afraid of "the fuzz?"

Your best friend asks you to "do [them] a solid." Do you agree?

Have you ever said "cool beans?"

Do you know what "BRB" means?

When your boss says your new suit is "choice," what do you assume they mean?

A date asks you back to her "crib." What do you say?

How would you call a man impressive?

Do you have it "made in the shade?"

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About This Quiz

Words matter, dig? You can use slang, jargon and lingo to clue other people in on the fact that you're chill heads from the same scene. Are you picking up what we're laying down? 

If the previous paragraph looks like a crazy jumble of words to you, you might not be a baby boomer. But if you are, you had no problem catching our drift! Maybe that's because you remember talking like that in the 1960s and 1970s, or perhaps that's because you still talk this way. In either case, it's a great example of how drastically youth slang can change in a very short period of time. Want to find out whether your current vocabulary is still steeped in rock and roll culture? This is the quiz for you!

We're going to ask you about the way you'd describe a good band, how you greet people and whether "choice" is a complimentary term. Along the way, you'll have to remember the meaning of surfer words, hippie speak and disco patter. After you give us your best answers, our supercomputer will calculate whether you're a real baby boomer or a total poser. Ready to experience a blast from the past? It's time to take this quiz!


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