Quiz: Can We Guess If You're a Goose, Swan or Flamingo?
Can We Guess If You're a Goose, Swan or Flamingo?
By: Emily Maggrett
Image: Pixabay by Garyuk31

About This Quiz

If you were a bird, would you be an elegant swan, a goofy goose or a vivacious flamingo? The answer lies in how you usually react when you're caught in an awkward moment. 

Cool, pretentious swans like to cover their uneasiness by pretending like nothing is wrong, while warm-hearted geese tend to squawk and bustle about, striving to make everyone else feel better and inadvertently making fools of themselves in the process. Conversely, outgoing flamingos attempt to restore harmony by calling attention to their own appearance and accomplishments: they're the comedians of the bird world, which is why their pink silhouettes are synonymous with fun.

Curious which one you are, or do you already have a good guess? Either way, this quiz can help. Tell us about how you'd react to a series of embarrassing hypothetical situations and we'll guess what your secret bird identity is. By confessing the truth about how you'd handle such scenarios as impulsively hitting "send" on an irate email to your boss or being overheard calling your teacher "mommy", you'll help us to determine just how much of a goose, flamingo or swan you actually are. So, what are you waiting for? Quoth the raven, "Take this quiz!"

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In high school, were you a goth, a punk or a prep?

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You're on a date with someone you met through an app. They comment that you look older in person. What do you say?

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You run into a friend from high school, who is carrying new weight in her midsection. You ask her when she's due and she says she's not pregnant. What's your response?

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One day at work, you accidentally knock over your purse and it spills all over the floor. Several tampons roll out and are picked up by your male coworker. How do you react?

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Let's say you asked your crush to go see a movie and they said no, so you get your BFF to go with you instead. At the theater, you run into your crush and an attractive stranger, there to see the same film. What do you do?

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During a job interview, you're asked how well you get along with others. Nervous, you launch into a rambling story that has nothing to do with the question. The interviewer says your answer is bad. What do you do next?

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While talking to a new person, you realize you're accidentally copying their accent. They notice and ask why you're making fun of them. What's your reply?

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At a big New Year's Eve party, you eagerly await your date. But soon, it's clear you've been stood up. Your friends look sorry for you. How do you act?

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Have you ever been in the middle of telling what you thought was an interesting story when you realize that everyone you're talking to is bored by it?

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You're making an important presentation at work. Your PowerPoint is killer, your delivery is strong, but people are still smirking. You realize your fly is down. How do you cover up your gaffe?

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