Can We Guess If You're a Yankees Fan?

Zoe Samuel

If you were in a tight spot and needed a great reliever who could give you four strong innings, to whom would you turn?

Which of these sabermetrics do you think we made up?

How would you fill in the blank in the statement "Other than numbers, uniforms should display ________"?

How did you feel about the 2003 season?

Of these great DHs, who was the best?

Who was your favorite Yankee from 1996?

If the Yankees didn't exist, what National League team would you root for?

Which player from the Boston Red Sox would you like to have on the New York Yankees?

Which of these is the best sabermetric?

What is your opinion of the Kansas City Royals?

Which of these foods would you prefer at the ballpark?

Which of these Yankees starting pitchers was the coolest?

What time of year do you believe the Yankees usually hit their stride?

What is the most important metric for measuring a pitcher?

What do you look for in a young slugger?

When you look around the stadium at your fellow Yankee fans, what word or words come to mind?

How many Yankee games do you attend each season?

How many Yankee spring training games have you seen in your lifetime?

What treasured keepsake do you have from seeing the Yankees play?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how angry would you be if the Steinbrenners moved the Yankees to Boston?

If the Yankees didn't exist, what American League team would you root for?

What do you look for in an aging slugger?

What was the greatest baseball team of all time?

What should John Sterling call a homer hit by Giancarlo Stanton?

What position did you dream of playing for the Yankees when you were a kid?

Which of these fairly recent Yankee sluggers did you most enjoy watching play?

Which of these Yankee backstops would you want for a game with everything on the line?

Which Yankee Stadium characters do you love the most?

What American League team do you wish were in the National League so the Yankees could face them in the World Series?

If the Yankees were to trade Aaron Judge, who should they trade for?

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About This Quiz

Their uniforms don't have names stitched onto them; they're just white with blue pinstripes, big numbers and leather belts. The new stadium is modeled on the old one. The team prides itself on having the most devastating sluggers, the most aggressive starting pitchers and the greatest closing pitcher who ever lived.

The New York Yankees have won more championships than any other team in the history of sports, more World Series championships than any other MLB team, by a country mile, followed by the St. Louis Cardinals, who have 10 World Series titles. "Pride, power and pinstripes" was the marketing line on the team for many years, and those do sum up much of the identity of the team.

Yankees fans are a unique breed among sports fans. Many are, obviously, New Yorkers, but there are Yankees fans all over the world, wearing hats with the interlocking N and Y. Being a Yankee fan looks easy from the outside, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yankees fans may find satisfaction more often than fans of other MLB teams, but they have to endure the unjustifiable dry spells where generations of children are born and grow up without seeing a Yankee hold the World Series trophy high. We think we understand Yankees fans so well that we can say for sure if you're a Yankees fan. Take this quiz, and let us try our luck!

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