Can We Guess If You're Gen X, Baby Boomer or Millennial Based on Your Pet Peeves?

Emily Maggrett

You call a friend to make weekend plans, but they never call you back (even though you left a message). How do you feel?

People who write "reign in" when they mean "rein in" should be ... ?

Imagine you're on a city bus. A man gets on and starts watching a Fox News video without headphones so that everyone on board has to hear it. Are you irked?

Two words: Taylor Swift. What do you think of this individual?

People who tip less than 20% at sit-down restaurants are what?

If your neighbor had several broken-down cars in their yard, you would feel ... ?

You and your best friend are trying to catch up over dinner. But a family of screaming kids is making it impossible for you to hear each other speak. How annoying is that?

Does it make you uncomfortable when women swear a lot?

If someone younger than you called you "hon" or "bud," you'd feel ... ?

What do you think of people who constantly complain about their problems without doing anything about them?

Instead of texting you, your friend actually calls you on the phone! What's your first thought?

Employees who check their social media accounts constantly during work are what in your opinion?

Let's say you just made a new friend. After adding them on Facebook, you realize that almost all their posts are incredibly political. What do you do?

People who don't recycle are ... ?

You've been dating a cutie for about a month when suddenly, without warning, they stop replying to your texts. How do you feel about being ghosted like this?

Someone who calls the police because they spotted teenagers shoplifting is ... ?

Imagine you're on the hiring committee for an entry-level position at your company. The first interviewee shows up in flip flops. What is your reaction?

Having an opinion about everything is ... ?

Are people who complain about "haters" annoying AF or correct?

Is tailgating fine or the worst?

You're excited about your first date with a hot friend of a friend. However, throughout the course of your cozy dinner out together, they haven't stopped fiddling with their phone. Is there going to be a date #2?

Email chains — are they the bane of your life or a good way to gather consensus?

Being left on read for an hour — is it a catastrophe, disaster or no big deal?

People who wear strong floral perfume to the office are ... ?

Your sister-in-law just had a baby and openly breastfeeds at family gatherings. What do you think of this choice?

Today, there's a 45-minute wait at your favorite brunch place. Will you wait anyway or no?

People who let their dogs off-leash in public are ... ?

In your opinion, should guests at a dinner party help their hosts clean up?

Do you like it when you're included in group texts?

Neighbors who have loud parties are ... ?

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About This Quiz

Humans throughout the ages have been annoyed by certain things, such as people who chew with their mouths open, screaming kids and folks who ask how old you are. But some pet peeves are entirely generational. For instance, baby boomers are always up for answering the phone, while millennials are more scared of phone calls than they are of rampaging bears. Gen Xers are seldom afraid to confront others with negative opinions, while millennials feel that it's more polite to ghost the people that you don't agree with.

Think we've got it wrong? This quiz is your chance to find out the truth! We've come up with an array of common pet peeves, from going on a date with someone who won't stop checking their phone to having an office colleague who wears awfully strong perfume. We're also covering breastfeeding in public, tipping and political Facebook posts. Your job is to react to these scenarios honestly, sharing your true emotions about each behavior. Through your answers, our quiz supercomputer will determine EXACTLY the generation you come from!

Ready to find out whether you're a typical millennial, Gen Xer or baby boomer? Drop everything else you're doing and come on a pet peeve journey with us!

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