Can We Guess the Christian Worship Song That Matches Your Personality?

Tasha Moore

What types of nickname do you go by?

Can you name the worship-song theme that inspires you the most?

Explain the aspect of belief in Jesus Christ that's most important to you.

The worship song lyrics that you know by heart are about ________?

Of these Christian prophets, which one do you like the most?

How do you perceive praise in Christian worship?

Church interiors are decorated in an assortment of colors, depending on a particular occasion. What is your favorite color for church decorations?

Are you a morning person? If so, why?

Do you feel most comfortable worshiping with strangers or with people you know?

Is there a perfect definition of love?

When you are feeling down, what types of Christian worship songs uplift your mood?

By whom do you prefer to hear Christian songs sung?

How do you prefer to receive your blessings?

What aspect of Christianity reigns supreme for you?

Which of God's celestial creations do you cherish the most?

Hearing water themes in Christian worship songs reminds you of ________?

"Eternal" and "forevermore" are words frequently used in many Christian worship songs. What special meanings do these words hold for you?

Name a descriptor that suits the word "rest" best?

All those who suffer for the sake of Christ shall be ________?

The angels sing and praise, according to certain hymns. Describe the angelic imagery you think of when you hear this.

Where does Christian glory come from?

Do you know for certain what dwells in the Christian heart?

Song lyrics that include "light" make me think first about ________?

Can you guess what will remain after the things of the Earth have passed?

When you hear the choir sing "savior," what does that mean to you?

What does your soul crave most from the Christian way of life?

During worship service, what brings you the most joy?

If you could chose a standard length for your pastor's sermons, how long would they be?

Jesus was a winter baby. In which season were you born?

12, as with Jesus' 12 disciples, is considered a perfect number in the Bible. Which numbers do you like reading most about in the scriptures?

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About This Quiz

Worship songs serve many purposes in the Christian faith, and we'd like to share one more exciting cause: You can take this Christian quiz to determine the worship song that matches your unique personality. We search through lots of Christian lyrics to help you gauge how well Christian songwriters have you figured out. Give this test a try and be amazed by what you'll discover.

Words like "love," "praise," "reign" and "blessings" have always weaved in and out of Christian worship songs. Words like these separate Christian songs from secular tunes, since they adhere to principles that form the basis of the Christian religion. These simple words are important because if it weren't for God's love, Christians would not have Jesus to praise. Catchy choruses that impart moral concepts resonate in the hearts and minds of Christians daily. Christian worship songs are like the morsels that feed the spirit in between sermons, Bible study and prayer sessions. It's no wonder that Christians aim to embody the righteous wisdom that worship songs always deliver. Does your character resemble the lyrics of songs like "Amazing Grace," "Battle Hymn of the Republic" or some other cherished Christian ditty?

We help you sort through the high notes on this quiz. So scroll on to match your sacred melody!

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