Can We Guess the Most Unique Pet You've Ever Owned?

Ian Fortey

Unique pets belong to unique people. Do you have any unusual skills that set you apart from the pack?

What makes you want to have a pet in the first place?

If you could safely have any animal in the world as a pet, what do you think you'd get?

On an average day, how much time would you say you spend hanging out with your pet?

Every once in a while you hear news about someone injured by a dangerous, exotic pet. What do you think of those stories?

If you were in the market for a new pet right now where would you look to find one?

If you want your pet to be the most awesome pet it can be, then it needs the right name. Which of these names is awesome, no matter the pet?

Is it acceptable to buy clothing for your pet and then post photos of it in those clothes on social media?

If you have a pet, it needs food. What are you feeding your little friend?

Do you want guests to pay a lot of attention to your pet or do you prefer them to leave it alone?

Do you ever take your pet out in the world to meet people?

Say there was a prowler on the loose and they tried to creep into your home. Is your pet going to save you?

Has your pet ever bitten you?

You know your pet pretty well. If they were released back into the wild, how well do you think they'd do?

If you had no solid plans on a Friday night, what do you think you'd end up doing with your time?

What is the single coolest article of clothing a person can wear?

You won tickets to this year's Comic-Con. What are you going to cosplay as?

What was the best thing on the menu in the school cafeteria?

On a sunny day in July how likely are you to head to the beach if you have some free time?

Sometimes you just want to watch a movie but there are so many ways to do it. What's your go-to way to watch a flick?

When it comes to making friends are you an old pro or do you have a hard time connecting with people?

If we were to open your closet right now and look through your clothes, what color would we be seeing most?

Everyone uses some kind of social media, right? What's your favorite one?

You've been driving for hours, you're starving, and you just hit a town with a street full of fast food places. Where are you going?

As much fun as pets can be it's not all sunshine and rainbows. What's the worst part of pet ownership?

Every once in a while you hear about someone who had like 100 cats in their house. How many pets do you think is too many?

Are there any kinds of pets you absolutely would never want to have?

Some of the best horror movies ever are about animals that go a little psycho. What's the best pet-themed horror movie?

Self-expression is always important. Do you have any tattoos?

When the holidays roll around, do you buy gifts for your pets?

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About This Quiz

Humans and animals have been living together for thousands of years. Dogs and cats have been humans' companion animals since forever and who's to say how long people have been keeping fish in bows or birds in cages? It's been a while to be sure. For the most part, people are pretty happy to just have a kitty that will sit in their lap at the end of a day or a dog who likes to play fetch. But not every pet owner is the same. Some people want to experience a different sort of bond, to see what other animals are like in their lives and how well they can exist together. Some people just wish they could have a monkey.

Given that there are millions of different species on the face of the Earth, it's easy to imagine that some of us are going to have more unusual pets than others. Not everyone is cool with a goldfish. Not that there's anything wrong with a goldfish, but you get it, right? If you're a little more adventurous when it comes to pet ownership if you like the rare and unusual, then unleash your inner beast in this quiz and we'll guess exactly what the most unique pet you've ever had was.

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