Quiz: Can We Guess What Body Feature You're Most Confident About?
Can We Guess What Body Feature You're Most Confident About?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Hillary Kladke / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

When it comes to body confidence, some of us  may not have as much as we'd like, and it can be very hard to feel confident in a world that is constantly criticizing and body-shaming people. The fact that many of us see Godlike chiseled bodies while scrolling through Instagram doesn't help either, but everyone has at least one feature we know can give even the best-looking people a run for their money.

Different people like different things about themselves, and they tend to show off their best features using clothes that accentuate those features. The most common features always seem to include a person's smile, long and flowy hair, long toned legs, big and beautiful eyes, or a toned stomach. Can we guess which of your body features you are most confident in? Will it be something that you were born with, or something that you worked very hard to get? There is only one way to find out!

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