Quiz: Can We Guess What Breed of Dog You Had as a Kid?
Can We Guess What Breed of Dog You Had as a Kid?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Sally Anscombe/Digital Vision/ Getty Images

About This Quiz

There are so many reasons for a family with children to get a dog. Dogs are simply incredible for kids. They teach them to be responsible for someone less capable than themselves, which teaches empathy and discipline. They require daily exercise, which means they greatly increase the odds that a child will be healthy. They introduce the right kind of mess into the home: the child gets used to having to tidy up so that their things don't get munched up. 

Dogs also help children's immune systems develop by bringing in just enough in the way of mud, dander, and bacteria to create a genuine bulwark against allergies and asthma. Most of all, they offer a child an entirely non-judgmental friend who they can always trust to be on their side.

Kids instinctively know all of this. That's why one of the most common refrains from homes without a dog is, "Mom, Dad, when can we get a puppy?" Kids who are lucky enough to have a puppy always know how fortunate they are - and depending on what dog they have, they will have reaped slightly different benefits. So tell us about your childhood dog, and we'll figure out just what your best friend really looked like!

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