Quiz: Can We Guess What Children’s Book Was Your Favorite?
Can We Guess What Children’s Book Was Your Favorite?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

When we were growing up, there were certain stories that we loved. Whether we heard them when we were at school, whether family member read to us or whether we read the books all by ourselves, there were a few that we could never get enough of. What we want to try to do today is guess just which one of the many children's stories or books was your favorite. Do you think we can correctly guess the one you loved the most?

Was your favorite "Where the Wild Things Are?" Were you an adventurous, mischievous and well, wild, little thing when you were young? Or did you love "The Hungry Caterpillar?" Did you have quite a big appetite, as well as a love for change, whether it was good or bad? Or did you really, really love "The Giving Tree?" Chances are that if you did, you were quite the compassionate child and maybe now, adult. 

If you think we can make an educated guess as to which children's book you loved above all else, let's go ahead and get started on this quiz. Chances are that by the end, you'll be looking for that book again! 

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