Can We Guess What City You Live In?

Talin Vartanian

When it comes to transportation, which of the following do you mainly use to get around?

One of the best parts about different cities is the food. What are you going to eat for lunch?

Can you tell us what the weather is like during the winter months in your current city?

Are the people in your city friendly toward tourists or are they a little more brash?

Would you describe the traffic as "horrendous" in your current city?

Is your current city surrounded by mountains or is it more flat?

Museums are a fun way to pass the time. What kind of museums do you like to visit in your city?

Which of these notable landmarks resonates with you the most?

When it comes to shopping, do you prefer indoor malls or strip malls?

Would you describe your current city as an affordable place to live, or is it more expensive?

Is your city confusing to navigate through, or is it pretty straightforward?

When you think of your current city, which of these celebrities comes to mind?

Do you love the city you live in, or do you wish you could move somewhere else?

Which of these entertainment shows would you like to attend on a weekend with some friends?

Is the cuisine in your city more avant-garde, or is it more rustic and simple?

Every city has its own unique beverages. Which of these would you like to indulge in - the virgin versions, of course?

During the warm summer months, what kind of activities do you like to partake in?

Many cities have a Chinatown, but does your city have a Koreatown?

Is your city filled with celebrities, or are they very rare to spot?

Amusement parks are a fun place to visit during the summer months. Does your city have any amusement parks?

Every city has at least one tourist spot. Which of these tourist spots represents home to you?

Do the residents of your city care about the way they look, or is fashion not at the forefront?

The commute to work in a city can either be a nightmare or a walk in the park. What is your commute to work like in your current city?

When you think of your current city, which of these trees comes to mind?

Which of these fruits does your city go bananas for?

How do you stay warm during the chilly winter months in your city?

Which of these scenic parks would you like to spend some quiet time in?

Does your city have a lot of 24/7 eateries, or do restaurants close up shop by 10:00 p.m.?

It's 7:00 p.m. and you're craving some delicious Asian food. Which of these places serves up the best Asian fare?

You've got a few days off, which means it's time to take a road trip to which of these beautiful locations?

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About This Quiz

In this quiz, you're going to be our tour guide by telling us about the best and worst parts of the city you live in. Clue us in on some geographical hints, as well as what the locals like to eat, and we'll guess what city you live in. For some people, a city becomes a home due to the abundance of activities, food and job opportunities. But for other people, the weather plays a big factor in how much they love or hate a city. After all, who wants to shovel snow during the cold winters of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, all day? If you're a big fan of the beer, though, we understand why the snow may be worth it to you.

Notable landmarks also help to add a touch of uniqueness to a city. You might be familiar with the Hoover Dam, for instance, which is located in Boulder City, Nevada. Or how about the Freedom Trail, which makes Boston a pretty patriotic city. But besides the landmarks, certain cities are also known for delectable cuisine. Dine on some BBQ and steak in Houston, Texas, or munch on Philly cheesesteak sandwiches in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Wherever home is for you, tell us more with this adventurous quiz!

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