Quiz: Can We Guess What College Sport You Played?
Can We Guess What College Sport You Played?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

College is a time for growth, for finally breaking out of the assumptions and limits of your family home and challenging everything you thought you knew. It's possible that what you thought you knew will hold up against that challenge and that you will leave college and head into the world affirmed in the belief system and the values that you gained from your home. 

It's equally possible that you'll conclude that it's all nonsense and develop a different set of beliefs and values. Most likely, you'll land someplace in between, keeping the proverbial baby and tossing out the bathwater. As long as the results come from serious study and a commitment to growth and excellence, you'll surely emerge as someone who is closer to being their most authentic, most excellent, most fully-realized self.

For many people, sport can be a crucial element of this puzzle. Sometimes it can lead you astray, with a culture of entitlement, cheating, or violence - but for most, it helps you to find new friends, to learn discipline and commitment, to bear up in the face of failure and to be gracious in the hour of victory. The sport at which you excel, whether it was a prestigious college money-spinner or a more individualized sport that was nothing to do with the institution at which you studied, tells us a lot about you. So give us a few clues, and we'll figure out whether you were on the pitch or field, in the pool, or halfway up a mountain getting away from it all!

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