Can We Guess What Color Your Motorcycle Is?

Zoe Samuel

How often do you do a DIY sweep of your bike for maintenance issues?

Where do you most frequently go on your bike?

Which of the following countries would you love to visit for a biking vacation?

How do you deal with motorcycles that malfunction?

What's your stance on lane-splitting?

What style of bike was your first one?

When did you first try riding a motorcycle?

How many bikes have you owned in your lifetime?

What style of bike do you currently own?

What's the longest bike trip on which you've gone?

Of which kind of biker club are you a member?

How many of your close friends also ride motorcycles?

How often do you go to the track?

How many times have you engaged in street racing?

What do you think of ATVs?

What is it about motorcycles that appeals to you?

Did you dream of having a motorcycle when you were young?

Which movie motorcycle would you want to own?

When do you commute on your motorcycle?

How old is your current motorcycle?

How often do you polish up your bike?

How many times have you had to "lay down" your bike?

What does "81" mean to you?

What do you think of people who keep their bikes "period correct"?

How long would you plan to own your bike before upgrading to a new one?

How often do you change the tires on your bike?

How many of your favorite memories involve your beloved motorcycle?

Does your significant other ride a bike of their own?

Of your friends and family, who worries most vocally about your safety on your motorcycle?

What kind of helmet do you like to wear?

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Image: Stefano Oppo/Cultura/Getty Images

About This Quiz

There is no such thing as a "family motorcycle." Almost no one buys a motorcycle because they are practical. Motorcycles exist because they are cool, because they are a pleasure to ride, and because they make us feel good just thinking about them! Motorcycles can be tied to history, as with the original Indian motorcycles, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, or even brands like Buell, which disappeared years ago but whose bikes look like they were designed yesterday.

At could be argued that riders go for specific two-wheelers for specific reasons. A scooter makes sense if you live someplace like Bermuda, where the small roads have low speed limits and you're rarely riding for more than a few minutes at a time. Long legged touring bikes that look like a fridge on wheels make sense in places like the American southwest, where the roads are long and straight and if you're going for a long ride, you had better be comfortable. Sport bikes are weirdly popular in cities, even ones without tracks or sympathetic speed limits. Street fighters are probably your thing if you came of age in the 1990s, and dirt bikes might be in your garage if you're an outdoorsman.

But what about the color of your bike? We think we've got that licked. Take this quiz and we'll guess the color of your motorcycle!

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