Quiz: Can We Guess What Generation You're From Based on the Words You Use?
Can We Guess What Generation You're From Based on the Words You Use?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: Franek Strzeszewski/Image Source/Getty Images

About This Quiz

You may be an expert on the slang of your generation, but the new generations after you might have totally different meanings for the same words. As time goes by, new trends evolve and words are constantly being redefined. Some are even invented by certain generations! Take a word like "bae" for instance. It's a newly invented word recognized by the Oxford Dictionary. So, now it's time to tell us a bit about the words you use!

You can learn a lot about someone from the vocabulary they use. It can reveal a lot about their personality and how they feel about things. It can also tell us a bit about the things they know and follow. For example, you might be able to tell if someone uses the internet heavily by the slang words they use. You might even learn a new word or two from speaking to someone you've never spoken with before!

So, do you think we can guess your generation correctly? You'll first have to tell us which words are in your vocabulary. We're willing to bet that we can guess the right answer. If you think you can prove us wrong, take the quiz to see what you get!

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Every generation loves a good party. What word do you use for "party"?

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What do you use to listen to music?

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If you're talking to someone, what do you call it?

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Which word would you use when addressing a friend?

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What word do you use to describe a situation that is unbelievable?

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How do you describe a great party?

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You would call people on what?

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Which term of endearment would you be most likely to use?

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If you're leaving early, what would you say you were going to do?

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What word would you use for "fashionable"?

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What do you call your group of friends?

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If we say, "When life gives you lemons," you say what?

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Which of the following would you use as a compliment?

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Everyone has a different definition of what isn't cool. What do you call someone who is uncool?

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Which of the following terms would you use to say that something is true?

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Your meaning of "cop" is which of the following?

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What do you call a photo that you take of yourself?

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Drinking is something all generations can enjoy now and then. Which term would you use for liquor?

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The word "slay" means which of the following to you?

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Your slang for "place" would be what?

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Which word might you use for something you don't like?

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All generations do their best to make some cash. What word do you use for money?

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Which of the following is slang you use for something that can be smoked?

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You would use which word to say clothes?

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How would you say "no problem"?

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