Can We Guess What Instrument You Played in High School?

Brian Whitney

Who is your favorite?

Where would you check out live music?

Who was your crowd?

What 80s band would you listen to?

What song do you like the best?

Were you into sports?

How often did you get detention?

Did you party a lot?

What was your style?

What were your grades?

Have you ever been to an opera?

What was your curfew on weekends?

Did you fight with your parents a lot?

How many piercings did you have then?

Did your parents buy you a car?

What kind of bands were you in?

Can you sing?

What indie band would you listen to?

What was your favorite rap band?

What would you do if your parents were out of town?

How long was your hair?

Did you wear a lot of leather?

Were you a class clown?

Did you smoke cigarettes?

What were you most likely to wear?

Did you wear glasses?

What kind of pet did you have?

Are you into social media now?

What would you be doing at a school dance?

Did you do a lot of school activities?

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About This Quiz

What better way to figure out who you really are when you're in high school than picking up a musical instrument? If you played music in high school, it could mean a lot of different things. You might have been playing the trumpet in the high school marching band, taking private lessons on the saxophone in your parent's basement, or you could have been rocking out as the lead guitarist in a metal band that you and your buddies started. 

There are lots of different kinds of music out there, and what kind of instrument you might have picked up in high school has a lot to do with what kind of vibe you had, how you see yourself and what you're trying to present to the world. Were you the kind of kid that thought being in your high school jazz band was cool, or were you into emo? 

Were you dropping rhymes and showing off how you can count your bars when you were a sophomore, or practicing your moves so you could be a backup dancer for Beyonce? Did you keep on working on your skills on your instrument or did you give up when you didn't sound like Jimi Hendrix right away? Take this quiz, and we'll guess what your instrument was in high school. 

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