Quiz: Can We Guess What Kind of Beauty You Are Based on Your Fashion Preferences?
Can We Guess What Kind of Beauty You Are Based on Your Fashion Preferences?
By: Monica Lee
Image: Drazen_ / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

There are many different types of beauty in this world. Sure, some women are pure knockouts who are sexy, fun and flirty. While others have beauty that comes from within - watch when a smile washes over their face and they become the most beautiful women in the world. Then there are the exotic, arty or Bohemian types who are enchanting, alluring and intriguing to behold. And there's the natural beauty who simply glows. And others, like dancers and athletes who have a physicality that makes their every movement graceful and enchanting. 

Where does your beauty lie on this eye-catching spectrum? We bet we can tell you. All we ask is that you answer the quiz questions as accurately as you can. There will be questions on your likes, dislikes and social interactions as well as your attitudes and opinions. Naturally, there will be fashion questions so we can get your sense of your style. Then, we'll match your answers against all the different beauty types out there, and tell you the vibe you're sending. Whether it's elegant and refined, or easy and natural, you should know what dazzling details you're broadcasting. Take the quiz now and discover your true beauty. 

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