Can We Guess What Kind of Driver Annoys the Heck Out of You?

Zoe Samuel

What sort of person bothered you most in school?

Do you like to do things by the book?

How long does it take you to choose dinner?

How far in advance do you plan outfits?

Do you find it easy to stand up to people?

How much do you hate having to repeat yourself?

Do you find it annoying when people don't have an opinion?

How important is safety?

Should people generally do what other people do?

What superpower do you wish you had?

How often are you a pedestrian on the same streets on which you drive?

Have you ever been tempted to just run someone over?

Have you ever lost your no-claims bonus?

Where do you store your car?

What's the most important quality in a car?

Who else do you most commonly drive around?

How many miles are on your car?

Have you ever had a crash that wasn't your fault?

What music do you play in the car?

Which is worse: bad drivers in traffic, or bad drivers at high speed?

What sort of car usually behaves the worst?

When you hear an unmuffled car engine, what do you think of the driver?

What do you fear most about self-driving cars?

Does a pet travel in your car?

What's your dream car?

How often do you clean your car?

What sort of area do you most commonly drive in?

Do you use your car for work?

How many hours a week do you drive?

What do you like best about the advent of self-driving cars?

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About This Quiz

In our lifetimes, the age of the human driver will start to come to a close. Sure, for now, self-driving cars can't tell the difference between mowing down an old lady and hitting a fire hydrant, but they're on a steep learning curve and they're coming of age rapidly. At some point in the next 20 years, they will be better drivers than the vast majority of people. While the law may drag its feet and insist the human driver retains at least the option of control, eventually the insurance companies will step in and simply state that they're not going to cover you behind the wheel, or they'll make it conditional on you being well-rested, breathalyzed, and with absolutely no distractions present like music, a phone, or kids. Thus it's quite likely that a baby born today will never learn to drive.

Until then, of course, we're stuck with all the drivers who make the whole task so unpleasant. As Jean-Paul Sartre wisely put it, "Hell is other people," and in no field of human endeavor is this truer than it is when it comes to driving. Still, picking WHICH other people are the most ghastly is still instructive - and a lot of fun. Who do you hate most on the roads? Let's find out!

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