Quiz: Can We Guess What Nickname You Gave Your First Car?
Can We Guess What Nickname You Gave Your First Car?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

A car is usually the second largest single investment a person makes. A car is a commitment, a statement, and a piece of personality inseparable from the driver. First cars leave a huge impression, like first loves. A first car may not be a wonderful car, but it is the one you are most likely stuck with for a while, so you learn everything about it. If your vehicle has a fussy fan belt, you will know when it needs mending from the sound, or the vibration through the steering wheel. If your car has a funny smell in the glove box, you'll know if it's open even a crack.

Humans are emotional creatures, and we often give our favorite things nicknames, since they go so well with anything that has a personality. Cars are one such item. We give our vehicles nicknames that evoke their foibles, or their strengths, or the fear they strike into us when we put our pedal to the metal. A first car is more likely to get a nickname than any other, because it is most likely to be a used car, full of quirks and thus, personality.

We have devised a series of questions for you, which, if you answer honestly, will predict the nickname of your first car. Give it a try!

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