Can We Guess What One Word Defines Your Type of Guy?

Brian Whitney

Are you comfortable with how you look?

How often do you flirt with guys?

What do your friends like most about you?

Do you want a guy with money?

Would you go out with a guy who was a little chubby?

Do you wear a lot of makeup?

How many tattoos do you have?

How many people have you lived with romantically?

Have you ever had your heart broken?

How funny are you?

Do you spend a lot of time taking care of your skin?

What would be a good job for you?

Where would you like to go on a first date?

How educated should your guy be?

Who should pay on the first date?

How into your hair are you?

Do you care how tall a guy is?

Do you work out a lot?

What sounds best to eat?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

How tan are you usually?

What would you want your man to do most?

How much do you and a date usually spend on dinner out?

What drink sounds best?

Are all your friends hot?

What do you like most about your looks?

What would you do if you found a stray cat?

Do you enjoy public speaking?

How are your abs?

Who would you be in a wolf pack?

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About This Quiz

If you're a woman who is looking for a guy, there are literally millions of them to choose from. Whether you have a crush on a guy while in high school, or if you're well into your 30's and looking for a guy to settle down with, it is always a difficult thing to find the right man for you. The key is to find the guy that you want and not just settle for any man that comes along. 

Often when you meet a man, you're drawn to him without even knowing why, and that is probably because he is your type. All women have a different type of guy. What you go for when looking for a guy to date and what your friend goes for are probably two very different things.

When you think of your type of guy, what comes into your head? Is your perfect man intelligent? Is he kind to others? Is he motivated to succeed, macho, fun or sexy? Does he spend a lot of time working on his body, or is he more the type that likes to exercise his mind? What one word defines your perfect man? Take this quiz to find out what word defines your type.

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