Can We Guess What Position You Played in Cricket?

Zoe Samuel

How would you describe your age, when you played cricket?

How did you work out when you played cricket?

When you were playing cricket, how often did you rewatch old cricket matches?

How do you cut a sandwich?

What do you do when you notice a moth in your bedroom?

How do you prefer to get around when in a major city?

What kind of clothing do you have the most difficulty finding in your size?

Which of these informal position titles are you most likely to have in an office workplace?

As you aged, which part of your body started to break down?

What other sport did you enjoy when you were first becoming interested in cricket?

Which is your preferred take-away?

What is your favorite kind of play to watch?

At what age did you become skilled at playing your position in cricket?

How likely is it that children fantasize about playing your position in cricket?

How much of playing your position is a learned skill and how much is natural?

In which of the following places do you least mind queueing?

What sport did you take up after giving up cricket?

Of sports you've never even tried, what do you like to watch played?

What sort of parlor game do you like to play?

What, if any American sport do you follow, even a little?

How do you stay in shape now that you do not play cricket?

What percentage of your family members are really mad about cricket?

Other than cricket, what is the most common sport activity where you come from?

What sport would you encourage your children to take up, if they are more naturally athletic than you were?

Where do you go to watch cricket?

Now that you don't play cricket anymore, how often do you study classic cricket matches?

How old do you think one should begin teaching a child to play cricket, in the event that one wants the child to be an expert at playing your position?

How much do you know or care about the history of the game?

How competitive do you get when playing games of any kind with friends?

If you had the physical wherewithal to continue playing cricket, would you have continued to play?

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About This Quiz

It is believed cricket dates back centuries, at the very least. Some historians have placed its arrival in England around the time of the Norman invasion, which would suggest it existed before 1066 AD. Cricket as we think of it was first recorded in 1598 as a game played by children, but within twenty years it was a sport played by adults, and recognizable by today's fans as the game they know and love. The obvious utility of cricket as a medium for gambling meant that the wealthy English aristocracy quickly became enamored of the sport, founding and funding cricket clubs with the aim of competing with each other and wagering on the matches. 1744 saw the official codification of rules, and soon those rules would include most of the details of the modern game, By 1800, bowlers were bowling overhand, and cricket bats looked like proper cricket bats as we know them.

With the spread of the British Empire, so too did cricket spread. Today, cricket is massively popular in almost every former colony except for America, as well as some of those former colonies' neighboring states. The best players in the world are a mosaic of nationalities, ethnic groups and religions, but they all share certain qualities because the rules of cricket are universal, and tend to mean positions will draw players with specific makeups, builds and talents. We think we can guess what position you played by dissecting those ancillary factors. "Test" our knowledge of the game and take this quiz!

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