Can We Guess What Quality You Are Least Attracted to in Guys?

Isadora Teich

Would you ever have a long distance relationship?

What would you like to hear least on a first date?

Would it be a deal breaker if work kept a partner away from you a lot?

Is it important to you that your partner work a steady and respectable job?

Do you value hard work?

What is your goal in dating?

You are most attracted to men with which hair color?

How soon into dating would you want to meet the other person's family?

If a man said he loves you on the first date, how would you react?

Do you ever make the first move?

How important is physical affection to you?

Is fashion important to you?

Which of these usual ways of showing affection could you most do without?

Is it important to you that your family approves of your partner?

Do you fall in love fast?

How do you feel about one night stands?

Has it always been important to you to get/be married?

Do you want to have kids?

Would you ever be interested in having an open relationship?

How much would you be comfortable with a partner drinking?

Which men's style appeals to you the most?

Which flaw would you most be willing to overlook?

Could you forgive your partner for forgetting important dates?

Which would you rather do with a partner on a date?

How important is it to you that your partner shares your faith?

What is the first thing you notice about a man?

Would you care if your partner has bad taste in music?

Is it important to you that your partner works out?

Does taking a class with your partner sound like something you would want to do?

How important is it to you that your man dresses well?

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About This Quiz

Dealbreaker! Whether you have been on 100 dates with 100 different men or are like a swan and mate for life, we all have definite no-gos when it comes to men. There are some things that we just do not like and cannot stand, but these are different for everyone. While some people love a man with a beard, others cannot stand the burn, for example! While a man who is a confident fast-talker with a smooth approach makes some of us swoon, others think they can see through men like that in an instant! 

Do you like a clean cut yuppie type or a grungy guy with a 5 o'clock shadow? Whether its looks, personality, or other more complex things entirely, we all have our preferences. While both men and women often feel pressured to fit a certain mold to be desirable, the truth is that everyone has such different tastes, preferences, innate attractions, and dislikes that there really is not one way to be attractive. After all, what one person hates, someone else almost definitely loves! But can we guess what you like the least? 

See if we can pick up on the quality you are least attracted to in men with this quiz! 

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