Can We Guess What Summer Job You Had in High School?

Teresa McGlothlin

What kind of student where you in high school history class?

When you were in high school, did you spend a lot of time under the bleachers?

Are you still in touch with your high school best friend?

Did your summer job pay more than minimum wage?

How many times did you get detention or sent to the principal's office?

How did you feel about the boss you had at your summer job?

Do you still work the same job you had over the summer in high school?

Did your friends hang out where you worked?

Were you required to wear a uniform?

Did you work full-time during the summer?

What was the best part of having a summer job?

What did you usually do after work?

How would you describe what you wore to prom?

What did you do with the money you made?

Did you work at all during the school year?

How did you get to your summer job?

What did you learn from your summer job that you still use today?

Did most of your friends have summer jobs?

Which job would you be best suited to have now?

Back then, were you ever employed as a babysitter?

Were you a member of any clubs in high school?

How would you describe your work ethic at your summer job?

What did you like most about high school?

Were you allowed to accept tips at your summer job?

How many days per week did you work at your summer job?

Did you ever help your parents out with the bills?

Were you excited when you got your first summer job?

If you have children, will you allow them to have a summer job?

Did you skip your summer vacation to go to work instead?

Have you ever skipped work to do something fun with your friends?

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About This Quiz

Our high school years were full of more learning experiences than we probably remember. From our first date to getting our driving licenses, we were forming the people we have grown into being now. One of the biggest factors in your high school learning experience went a lot further out of the classroom than many educators would want you to believe. 

Your first job gave you the work ethic and the life skills that you needed to become an adult! After you tell us about the work that you did and the working hours that occupied your teenage life, we think we can accurately guess which job you held over the summer. High schoolers work in a lot of different industries, but we are sure your answers will lead us directly to the job you called your first one.

When you see our questions, think back to all those hours you spent working at a job where you cut your workforce teeth. Then, choose the response that is closest to your high school reality. Once you share your experiences with us, we will know if you worked in a restaurant or at the mall. Or was your summer job something else entirely? Let's see if we can figure it out!

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