Quiz: Can We Guess What You Lettered in during High School?
Can We Guess What You Lettered in during High School?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Erik Isakson/ Blend Images/ Getty Images

About This Quiz

Let's go back to high school! You were young, you were full of optimism, and you were great at a certain sport. Share your team spirit, your high school experience, and your education with us, and we will be able to guess what you lettered in. 

Being a part of a team during your formative years is sure to have left impressions on you. In fact, you took so much pride in your athletic prowess back then that it was probably part of your persona. What we want to know is - when you walked down the hall of your high school sporting your Varsity jacket, what letter did you do your best to show off? 

As we go through this quiz, we will ask you about your experience as a high school athlete. Each response you provide us with will give away those little clues about the sport that influenced you the most. By the time we're done reliving your glory days, we'll know if you were a volleyball star, a football giant, or a basketball genius that could have put Shaq to shame. 

Imagine that we're cheering for you, and we'll guess the letter you earned and flaunted. Let's go, team!

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