Can We Guess What You'd Put in a Time Capsule?

Mark Lichtenstein

If you could pass a new law, what would it be?

Where would you bury your time capsule?

What would you save from your house in a fire?

What is the subject of the last book you read?

What was the subject of the last movie you saw?

How would you leave word of the location of your time capsule?

How much stuff would you pack into a time capsule?

If you were to put one personal item into a time capsule, what would it be?

If you were to put a time capsule into space, would you put anything special in it?

What do you usually settle into when you get home?

What is the most important contribution of this age?

What do you watch for entertainment?

What do you listen to for entertainment?

Do your friends turn to you for advice?

Do you have a scrapbook of your own written notes?

What is the most important contribution of American culture thus far?

Does Metallica deserve remembering?

How much more science stuff should the public be aware of?

If the whole world could have one shared experience, what should it be?

How would your best friends describe your interests?

What's an advancement of the last few years that got you really excited?

What's an unusual bit of knowledge you have that most people wouldn't know?

Do you have any advice for someone having a bit of downer day?

Do you know how to cook?

Can you play an instrument?

Can you paint or draw?

Can you fix a workstation?

Have you ever been asked to videotape someone's wedding?

What's a vacation destination you have on your bucket list?

What famous person would you invite to help you bury your time capsule?

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About This Quiz

Now's your chance to build your very own time capsule. Long after you've departed the earth, the things you leave behind will not only tell the world about the times you lived, but they will also let the person discovering them know that you were a unique soul. Wouldn't it be thrilling to know that you've helped educate decades to come through the things you've chosen to seal up in a time capsule?

Whether you would leave behind the most recent scientific journal or your grandma's recipe for apple crisp, you will be making a huge impact on the future. By sending a part of today into tomorrow, you will be ensuring that your way of life is remembered. In the same way you look back at your grandparent's mementos with fondness and curiosity, others will look at your time capsule as being part of the history of humanity. 

Unless you really want the future to examine your old gym socks, be sure to choose your time capsule items carefully. You only have one shot at filling up your personal time capsule, and you wouldn't want to waste it! Let us guess what kind of things you would include! 

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