Can We Guess What Your High School GPA Was?

Zoe Samuel

How often were you tardy?

Did you have a lot of extra-curriculars?

Were you on a sports team?

Did you have your eye on a top four year college?

How ambitious are you?

Was there anything troublesome going on at home that affected your study?

How good was your school?

Was there somewhere quiet in your home that you could study?

How long was your commute?

Were you bullied by the other kids?

Did you talk back to teachers?

Were you ever suspended?

Were you popular?

Did you have a favorite teacher who inspired you?

Did any of the teachers bully you?

Did your parents have high expectations for you?

Did you just assume you would continue on to further education?

What sort of city or town did you live in?

Did your school have a good arts or drama department?

Did your teachers care about more than teaching to the test?

Did you dream of a vocational career?

Did you do anything like woodwork or automotive training?

How many books were in your house?

Did you pack a lunch or was it served at school?

Did you wear a school uniform?

What time did you do your homework?

Did you pass notes during class?

Did you ever nod off during school?

How much of the day did you spend watching the clock?

What do you think of the idea that your schooldays are the best day of your life?

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About This Quiz

Back in high school, just about everything seemed important, from who was dating whom, to who made the cheer squad or football team, to how well (or not) everyone scored on the end-of-semester tests. You probably stressed endlessly about that one important metric that everyone said would help colleges decide whether to admit you, and in so doing set you on the path to the career or your dreams. Your parents or guardians constantly badgered you to raise it, your teachers fretted that you weren't doing as well as you could and your counselor asked you what on earth could be more important.

Of course, in truth, just like the dating and the sports and every other high school drama, your GPA wasn't actually as big a deal as they made it out to be. Plenty of people had a terrible one and went on to great schools, great careers and fulfilling lives. Even so, it was one very useful measurement that provided a snapshot of your potential, priorities and personality at a very specific time in your life. So tell us about how you spent those years, and we'll guess what the elusive number on that seemingly so-important piece of paper really was!

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