Quiz: Can We Guess What Your High School Job Was?
Can We Guess What Your High School Job Was?
By: Tori Highley
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

High school jobs were an everyday part of American life back in the day. Working the gas station counter, developing film, and working apprenticeships kept kids busy after school and gave them a bit of spending money. As many of these jobs disappear, people who have this kind of experience are becoming a rare novelty. 

Despite the decline, most people are happy that kids get to remain kids as long as possible. While it is nice to get an early start on the job market, the fondest memories of high school are of being bold and reckless teenagers.

However, the perks of working a job in high school always felt pretty awesome as a teenager. You loved the thrill of sneaking your crush into a show. Or maybe you were the guy who brought your buddies an armful of free sub sandwiches after work. Even babysitters loved the extra tip at the end of the night for getting the kids into bed on time. 

These thrills shaped the way you looked at your future workplaces, and exploring the bounds of your teenage job helped show you where your strengths lie. The first job you ever worked has made a significant impact on your life. 

Reminisce about your teenaged antics and early financial freedoms with this nostalgic quiz. We bet we can guess what job you worked after the high school bells rang!

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