Quiz: Can We Guess What Your Soul Language Is?
Can We Guess What Your Soul Language Is?
By: Marie Hullett
Image: Todor Tsvetkov / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Anyone who is multilingual knows that words, thoughts, and feelings don't translate perfectly from one language to another. Idioms and sayings often just don't harbor the same meaning across languages. For instance, in German, they say "Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof," which in English, literally translates to "I only understand the train station." The best approximate translation would be "I don't understand a thing about what this person is saying." Try to translate a common English saying like "It's a piece of cake," into another language, and you will encounter similar issues.

Since cultural factors play such a large role in language, speaking just one language can limit your range of expression. Fortunately, your soul picks up some of this slack, since it always speaks a language all its own! So, which language does your soul speak: fiery Italian, romantic Spanish, complex German, or the artful Mandarin Chinese? 

As you go about your day talking, typing, and writing away in English, take the following quiz to find out which language your soul is reaching out to the world in. Buena suerte! 

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