Can We Guess What Your Spouse Finds Most Attractive?

Zoe Samuel

How do you react to seeing a stranger in pain?

How do you feel about having your picture taken?

How many black tie outfits do you own?

How many books do you read per year?

How do dogs react to you?

How many clicks do your online profile pics get?

What would make you feel uncomfortable in a social setting?

What do you usually use to connect with strangers?

How often do your friends turn to you with their personal problems?

How often do people feel threatened upon first meeting you?

How much contemporary culture do you consume?

Where did you meet your spouse?

What sort of role do you have at work?

How much do you bother with things like makeup?

What sort of unsolicited things do people usually say about your attire?

How often do you have to dumb things down for others to understand?

How much emotional labor do you do for others?

How well do you fare in conversations on the phone, versus conversations in person?

What are you most likely to be reprimanded for in the workplace?

What's your dream job?

What's your idea for a great first date?

How long does it take you to feel like you have a handle on someone?

When did you know your spouse really liked you?

What were the circumstances of when your spouse first said they loved you?

How many serious relationships have you been in, where your partner said they loved you?

Why did most of your past relationships end?

What do you look for in a partner?

Does your current spouse check all the boxes on your old checklist?

How have your tastes changed since you were young?

How old were you when you first married?

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Image: Pixabay by 3194556

About This Quiz

Opposites attract, or so the saying goes. This isn't born out by the numbers. Couples typically come from the same social class, religious background, and cultural background. We are defined much more by our similarities than our differences. These similarities can account for the concentration of wealth within certain strata of society, or cycles of poverty that repeat generation after generation.

Marriages wherein the partners are not on the same wavelength do not often work. The majority of things need to sync up, from tastes in movies and food, to finding each other attractive, to compatible hopes and dreams. Being way into BDSM with a partner who isn't at all will be as dangerous to a relationship as harboring dreams of moving to rural Idaho when your partner is a marine biologist who needs to live on a coast.

How compatible are you with your partner? Do you know them well enough to know what it is your spouse finds attractive about you? Do you look for similar things, and thus find the same thing attractive in them? Is it possible you have had it wrong this whole time and think your most attractive quality is actually your number two or three most attractive quality? Take this quiz, and we'll clear everything up.

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