Can We Guess When You Graduated College Based on Your Sitcom Preferences?

Olivia Cantor

Are you a fan of intergenerational, interracial, and same-sex families blending together as one big Modern Family?

Were you also hooked to know just how Ted really met the mother of his kids?

Were you intrigued how the streetwise teen rapper Fresh Prince from Philadelphia would fare well in super-posh and uppity Bel Air in LA?

Were you with Team Dorothy, Team Sophia, Team Blanche, or Team Rose back in those Golden Girls' days?

Did you get amused by spunky Punky Brewster's antics?

For time-tripping comedies, do you like watching funny stories set in the 1970s?

Was your math on point in adding up Two and a Half Men?

Can you keep count on how many times Kenny dies in South Park?

Do you catch yourself saying "Bazinga!” as an interjection, too?

Did you bow down to the King of Queens?

Did you also wonder how twentysomething Friends could afford to rent large New York apartments in twos?

At one point in your life, did you identify with the motto “Underachiever… and proud of it, man!"

Did you figure out why Malcolm is indeed in the middle?

Did you agree that Charles should always be "in charge?"

Did someone in your house had a Kirk Cameron poster when you were growing up?

Were you also intrigued just how Will, a gay man, could have a long-lasting friendship with Grace, a heterosexual interior designer?

Did you ever wonder why everyone indeed hates Chris?

Did you find the psych antics of "Web Therapy" hilarious?

Did you follow Alex P. Keaton’s schemes that baffled his Family Ties?

Are you in agreement that thirtysomething Jess is indeed "simply adorkable?"

Were you ever freaked out whenever Vicki was kept in the closet in Small Wonder?

Are you a fan of comedy shows that also show Home Improvement tips?

Do you like watching an Alien Life Form create comedy gold in suburban America?

Did you ever find yourself wanting to lend money to the 2 Broke Girls since they're so funny?

Are you a fan of watching what happens in "Parks and Recreation?"

Are you a fan of political satire like what they show in "Veep?"

Do you get a kick out of hearing a Nanny’s quirky Queens accent as she takes care of upper society New York kids?

Do you believe that the Huxtables are the coolest neighbors you could have, if you lived in The Cosby Show's New York City?

Are you a fan of Ted Bundy, that dysfunctionally hilarious dad who's Married...With Children?

Will you let Perfect Strangers live with you, if they declare they're your long lost cousin from a foreign country?

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About This Quiz

TV watching may not be the highlight of one's educational track, but it figures in there somewhere. 

At one point or other, college students would need to put down that book they're reading, and pick up the remote control in their room to click and watch sitcoms for a break. If they're in a dorm, then this activity could be done in a common room area with a TV, or maybe just at home when they are on vacation for the holidays. Whichever works!

But of course, times are changing, and along with these changes are the ways we access our daily dose of media, and how we enroll ourselves in higher education set-ups. Ever heard of distance education? That is how some adults access education these days, via online means, telecommuting their scholarly requirements until they graduate. So of course, in this manner, some may even have the luxury of catching up some TV watching time between learning sessions. As for those who are enrolled full-time, access to TV shows could have been already relaxed with today's newer options of media platforms. And yes, they allow TVs in dorm rooms already, so it's no biggie to watch a li'l TV on campus.

Regardless of your situation, let's see if we can guess which year or decade you graduated college, based on these sitcom questions. Let's roll! 

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