Can We Guess Where You Grew Up Based on the Words You Use?

Teresa McGlothlin

When someone is attractive, which word do you use?

Do you say awesome, rad, sweet or sick?

Do you call them sneakers?

Is it soda or is it pop?

What do you call the patch of grass between the road and the sidewalk?

Do you say sub, hero, hoagie or grinder?

What is the end piece of bread called?

How do you refer to a group of people?

What do you call felines?

What do you carry your groceries in?

Do you call it the faucet?

When something is ugly, what are you most likely to say?

Are they flapjacks or pancakes?

What do you change the channel with?

Where do you sit in your living room?

Which word do you call your sweetheart most often?

Do you call it nap, winks, Zs or snooze?

What do you call your outdoor space?

Do you turn eggs with a spatula?

Which word would you use to describe a meanie?

What letter does your favorite swear word start with?

What do you usually call money?

Do you call it dinner or supper?

How would you describe something that's new?

If something is boring, what do you say?

Which word for fancy do you use?

How would you describe a tasty dish?

What do you call your feet?

Which expression of surprise do you use most often?

If you're in a bad mood, which word do you use to describe yourself?

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About This Quiz

Which word will you use to express your amazement when we accurately guess where you grew up? When you make it to the end of the quiz, you'll find out! First, you have to tell us about the words you use in your everyday speech. We're certain that a few of them will give us a clue about the place where you called home during your younger years. 

Instead of asking you a bunch of questions about your childhood, we think it's more interesting to examine the way you communicate. Whether you tend to use a lot of words that you've picked up where you live now or if you've been using the same words since high school, learning which ones you use the most will help us figure out where your hometown is located. 

When you're excited, what word do you hear coming out of your mouth? After seeing 30 words of your choice, we'll know you fairly well as a person. More importantly, we'll know where you spend your formative years becoming the vocabulary whiz that you are.

For the biggest chance of getting it right, choose the word you hear in your mind when we ask, and then we'll tell you where we think you grew up. Will we be close? 

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