Can We Guess Where You Grew Up Based on Your Survival Skills?

By: Zoe Samuel

How can you usually tell it's time to keep an eye out for trouble?

What is the number one most important item you'd take with you to stay alive?

What sort of person should you avoid at all costs?

What kind of animal is there very little you can do to stop if they decide to come for you?

What kind of food would you bring with you for a long stay in the wild?

What do you wear when you want to remain safe?

How would you tell time without a watch or a phone?

Other than English, what language do you think would be most useful for you to speak, from a survival perspective?

How would you set up your sleeping arrangements in a survivalist situation?

What is the first thing you must do in the morning when you wake up?

How would you typically start a campfire?

What kind of shelter would you build if you had none?

What kind of weather do you fear the most?

How would you navigate without a map?

To where do you look to see threats before they come?

Which physical characteristic will serve you best in a survival scenario?

What sign would you look for to determine if you were headed to civilization?

How likely is it you'll run into a helpful person in the survival scenario for which you're prepared?

Which of these tools would you most want in a desperate survival scenario?

What would you want with you in a serious fight for your life?

How long should it take you to get to safety, if you're in the deepest, darkest wilderness?

Who taught you your survival skills?

What large equipment would dramatically improve your odds of survival?

How many times have you had to face the very real possibility of death or injury in a survival scenario?

What sort of diet should one eat to prepare to face the extremes to which you are accustomed?

What superstitions are there about the kind of all or nothing survivalist scenarios you're prepared for?

What sort of minor disability can become a real problem in a life or death struggle?

What sort of training would best prepare someone for survival in your neck of the woods?

How likely is the average person to wind up in trouble if they come to the sort of place where your skills apply?

To which of these people would you attribute the skills needed to survive the way you know how to survive?

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About This Quiz

Life is defined by its surroundings. We learn to live in the environments we call home. Our defenses are based on the sorts of threats we expect to face, which are all a product of our environments. These factors are further contributed to by our formal education and profession, the interests and values of our parents and teachers, and the things we learn to do just for fun.

What does this all mean? It means that your skills, and most specifically your survival skills, are a product of where you grew up, because your hometown will have inculcated certain habits and expectations that led to gaining a certain set of skills. Even people lucky enough to join BSA (formerly Boy Scouts of America) will sharpen different skills depending on where they grow up. When you focus the lens on regions of the country, the differences come into even higher relief. What we believe we can do is determine where you are from by having you run through a series of questions dealing with survival skills. Some of these will seem easy to answer, and may not seem out of the ordinary. Other questions may be outside your wheelhouse, which is exactly to be expected. It is this contrast we will use to tell where you are from. Are you ready to give us a shot?

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