Quiz: Can We Guess Where Your Next Tattoo Will Be?
Can We Guess Where Your Next Tattoo Will Be?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Does it ever get easier to decide on the perfect place to showcase your new tattoo? It seems like it's always a difficult decision that can take plenty of thought before you finally decide to commit. You want to find the best place that does your tattoo justice, but you also want it to be practical for you. If you think you know where to get your next tattoo, let's see if we can guess the mystery location!

No matter your style or preference, tattoos are a beautiful form of expression that can be shown to the world or kept to yourself. They can tell people more about you or they can serve as reminders just for you. Meaning or no meaning, they are a way to express yourself. By learning more about you, we'll try to get into your head and guess where you want to put that next tattoo.

If you're already planning that next tattoo, keep in mind where you would like to put it. We want to know your style, personality, thoughts and preferences. So, get ready to tell us all about yourself and what you like. Then, let's see if we can guess where you're planning to get that new piece of artwork!

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