Can We Guess Which American Accent You Have?

Mark Lichtenstein

What did you eat for breakfast growing up?

What sport do you follow?

What baseball team do you like best?

What football team do you root for?

What is your weird hobby?

Which martial art do you like best?

Which card game do you like most?

What casino game do you like best?

What do you drive?

Where do you go for vacation?

What is your favorite novel?

How would you commute around a city?

Who is your favorite actor?

Who is your favorite singer?

Who is your favorite magician?

What pet do you own?

What did you study in college?

How many kids do you plan on having?

What do you listen to on the radio?

Do you think your kids have a shot at a life like yours?

What's your living situation?

What airline do you have miles with?

How do you eat your pizza?

What would you call a drink like Pepsi?

If you moved, where would you go?

Who do you admire most?

If you had to live in the UK, where would you live?

If you had to live in France, where would you live?

Which painter would you hang in your home?

Did you leave the area you are from?

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About This Quiz

America is a vast country that stretches over 3,500 miles of land and further thousands across the Pacific to the faraway state of Hawaii. With 50 states populated by people from all over the world who picked up the English language from a vast variety of sources, Americans handle the English language in an enormously varied way. 

Even within individual cities, things change as you go from neighborhood to neighborhood, and even within a matter of a few blocks. American English is influenced by Spanish, German, Native American, Creole, French and other cultures that merged together to synthesize something that is itself gloriously diverse, very new, and uniquely belonging to America instead of to all of its parent countries. All together, this has created some of the most recognizable accents in the world.

While American English is not nearly as defined by class as its many British counterparts, it is heavily affected by geography and, to a lesser extent, by education. What's especially curious about American English is that it actually has a couple of versions - General American and Mid-Atlantic - that are considered by most Americans to be something approaching "neutral" American accents, a category that certainly does not exist in Britain. Tell us about your background, and we'll see if we can pin down how you speak!

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