Can We Guess Which American Truck You Own?

By: Ryan Choate
Image: Katrina Wittkamp / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

While the truck may not have been born in America, it surely has blossomed into the rugged, reliable vehicle it is today right here in the United States. The first truck was invented in Germany in the late 1890s by Daimler, who was a pioneer and innovator in the auto industry. The concept of a pickup truck was immediately popularized by the military which used them during WWI. Henry Ford took the concept and integrated the Model T body into a civilian version of the truck. The pickup has been popular with people who need a utilitarian vehicle and those who simply enjoy driving it. Today's pickup ranges from practical to nearly luxury vehicles capable of high performance as well as the ability to navigate off-road.

American car companies have long battled foreign import cars and trucks from companies like Toyota and Nissan. The popularity of American trucks is at an all-time high with nearly 1 million sold in 2018. The main producers of trucks in America are companies like Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, and Dodge. Modern pickup trucks aren't just old beat up work trucks anymore. They can be lifted and modified to handle any off-road challenge. They can also be luxurious and handle everyday driving in the city or country.  So rinse off the mud and answer these quiz questions and we'll try to guess which American truck you own!

Color is often a deciding factor when buying a truck. What color do you like your truck?

Buying a new truck is a big decision. What is the most important quality to look for?

Dirt roads are made for trucks. How often do you take your truck off-road?

A jacked up truck gets attention. Do you lift your truck?

Getting stuck can be a real drag. Do you prefer a truck with 4-wheel drive?

Some trucks come stock and you can make your own modifications. What add-ons have you made to your truck?

Dog is man's best friend but do you let your best four legged friend in your truck?

A working man needs a truck. What kind of work do you do?

Is your truck part of the job you do or is it strictly for driving around town?

Trucks can haul a big load. What kind of stuff do you tow with your truck?

There is no shortage of songs written about trucks. Do you have a favorite?

How would you best describe the look of your truck.

Trucks come with an automatic transmission or a manual stick shift. What do you got to shift with on your truck?

A truck is a valuable tool as well as a cool vehicle. Where is your truck most at home?

Everyone has to move at some point and the first person they call is the friend with a truck. What do you do when your friend asks you to help move?

Are you a fair weather person or do you like it when it rains?

The tires on a truck are like a good pair of gloves; they just fit right. What kind of tires do you have on your truck?

Some people like to nickname their truck. Do you have a nickname for your truck?

When your truck breaks down, what do you do?

You come out of the store and find a cart scratched the side of your truck. How do you react?

Which of the following items is in your truck at all times?

Nobody likes to sit in traffic but it is all part of driving. How do you feel when the traffic gets heavy?

Every truck should have a few tools in it. What tool do you always have in your truck?

Are you a one vehicle household or do you drive something other than your truck?

If you didn't drive a truck, what would you drive?

People have different reasons for purchasing a truck. How would you best describe the reason you bought a truck?

Where do you park your truck?

A truck can be just as important as a home to some people. How would you describe your house?

You need to rent a car and there are no trucks available to rent. What do you choose instead?

A road trip is a right of passage for many. When you hit the open road where do you like to go?

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