Quiz: Can We Guess Which Branch of the Military You're In?
Can We Guess Which Branch of the Military You're In?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

Joining the military is one of the best and most important things that anyone could do in their life. But it also is a huge decision. Unlike a regular job, when you join the military you are making a huge commitment, not just to the people that are working around you and depending on you, but you also are committing to your country. It isn't like you can just wake up one morning and quit and go home. So while the decision to join the military is enormous, what branch you decide to join is an even bigger one.

There are a lot of things that you need to think about, do you love to fly? You may love to spend time on the ocean, but do you want to spend months out of every year on a boat jammed in with a ton of other people? Does it sounds intriguing and heroic to be on the ground in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, or does it sound kind of awful? Are you thrilled at the thought of being trained in hand to hand combat, or does the whole thing make you ill?

So you took the plunge and joined the military. Can we guess which branch you joined?

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