Quiz: Can We Guess Which Breed of Horse You Own?
Can We Guess Which Breed of Horse You Own?
By: Teresa M.
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

From the tiny Falabella to the regal and hardworking Clydesdale, the world has a lot of amazing horse breeds. During this quiz, we are going to try to figure out which breed of beautiful equine you have in your stable. If you really don't own a horse, it doesn't disqualify you from the race. In fact, this quiz will help you figure out which breed you should put in your barn! 

In order to get the bottom of your horse ownership, we will examine the way you approach the trail of life. Are you the type to ride bareback in the breeze, or do you need riding boots and a crop? The way you treat yourself and your personality will not only tell us how you care for yourself, it will also tell us how you treat your horse. Since every breed has a distinctive set of needs and traits, we're sure we will be able to match you with the horse you call one of your family members. 

Hop up into the saddle, and get ready for the ride. After we see how you handle the reigns, we will reveal the horse breed you own. Giddy up, and find out!

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