Quiz: Can We Guess Which Canadian City You'd Want to Live In?
Can We Guess Which Canadian City You'd Want to Live In?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Canada is home to good healthcare, great economic opportunity, clean living and the highest quality of life in the world. Crime is reasonably low, and most of the year the weather is delightful. There are snowy mountains, beautiful endless forests, and magical lakes and rivers. In the towns and cities, there's great public transport, diverse and exciting nightlife, and all sorts of different people to meet. With its sterling international reputation, Canada is also one of the most popular countries in the world - and unlike most, it's very much open to new residents, meaning that whether or not you have the good fortune to be born there, the Canadian people are probably happy to welcome you.

All sorts of people can make their home in Canada. Perhaps you're an entrepreneur seeking a home full of innovators on the cutting edge of industry; perhaps you're a scientist keen to investigate ground zero for climate change, in search of a community on the very edge of the Arctic where you can whip out your fishing rod on the regular; perhaps you're an ambitious activist type seeking to climb the greasy pole of power; or maybe you're an artist who dreams of making it in the entertainment industry. For all these and more, there are opportunities to be found somewhere in Canada.

Take this quiz to find out where in Canada you would best fit in!

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