Can We Guess Which Canadian Province Best Fits Your Personality?

Ian Fortey

Inevitably when talking about Canada, someone's going to bring up maple syrup. Do you even like the stuff?

What's Canada's greatest tourist attraction?

What do you think is Canada's single greatest contribution to world cuisine?

Canada has a pretty rockin' music scene. Which Canadian band are you grooving to?

A lot of talented actors have come from Canada. Who's your favorite?

There's a lot of nature up in Canada. Which Canadian beast is the coolest?

Canadian comedy is second to none. What Canadian show cracks you right up?

What's the greatest professional sports team in the history of Canada?

Even though Canada is known for its winters, some parts get quite hot in the summer. What's the best way to spend a lazy, hot Canadian summer?

You're heading down highway 401 into Toronto and you get cut off by a Tim Horton's truck. How do you react?

Canadian beer is world famous. What brewery makes the best suds?

You need to start your day with a Timmie's, right? Place your Tim Hortons order.

There are a lot of things to love about Canada, but what is the best thing of them all?

Canada has a pretty rich history in sports. What do you think is the best sport a person can play?

Who was the greatest Prime Minister in Canada's history?

Milk does a body good, right? What's the best way to buy your milk?

If you're visiting Toronto, where do you absolutely have to visit?

Montreal is one of the oldest cities in Canada. What should you do when you visit?

Which one of these Canadian holidays makes you feel the most festive?

Canada has its own unique slang. What Canadian slang word do you like the most?

You need a bag of chips so you can watch the hockey game. What flavor will you buy?

Everyone likes a party, but what's the best kind of party you can go to?

Hockey and Canada go together like Canada and poutine. Who's the greatest hockey player of all time?

Have you ever taken a trip to the Sugar Bush?

What's the ultimate pizza topping?

Canada produces a wide range of delicious produce all year long. What's the tastiest crop?

How do you like to get your exercise?

Canadian candy stores are like a different world. What's the best Canadian candy?

Canada is bursting at the seams with natural resources. Which one is the most impressive?

How can you tell if someone is Canadian without asking them?

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About This Quiz

From Vancouver all the way to Halifax, Canada is a land of diversity and beauty.  There's more to the Great White North than Ryan Reynolds and maple syrup.  Lots more!   Whether you live there already or are just fascinated by a land jam-packed with moose and Tim Hortons, there's a lot to appreciate in Canada.  But as one of the largest countries on Earth, there's also a lot of difference from one coast to the other.  Each province in Canada has its own unique personality, just like you!  

When you have a land known for the politeness of its people, the breathtaking beauty of its landscapes and the rich diversity of its wildlife, you have a lot of great things going on.  There's a real hustle and bustle in Southern Ontario and a laid-back vibe in Saskatchewan.  There's a real classy, old-school feel to life in Prince Edward Island and a quiet sophistication to British Columbia. 

Where else on Earth could you go whale watching on one coast, take in the Northern Lights, a professional hockey game, a world-class concert and some of the best food in the world? Maybe Russia. But they don't have poutine there!  

If you've ever wondered just where you might fit on the grand, Canadian landscape, wonder no longer! We'll tell you after a few simple questions.  Answer the quiz and come to the Great White North!

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